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Why should YOU use SalesAutopilot?

SalesAutopilot is one of the first newsletter-, sales- and CRM automation software services developed in Europe since 2003. With hundreds of millions of delivered e-mails, texting and DM function it is the choice of companies who rely on professional solutions only.

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SalesAutopilot is really simple...

Set it up in minutes

Due to its simple usage you can send out your first newsletter in 10 minutes! All you have to do is to upload your email addresses and type or upload the letter.

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Intuitive user interface

The user interface is clear and simple. Detailed explanations are attached to each function for easy usage and you don't even have to click to reach them.

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Detailed and expanding knowledge base

You may find all the important information in our ever expanding video and text knowledge base. If you are missing something, we'll provide it just for you. Over the past month our clients evaluated our knowledge base 4,5 on a scale of 5.

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Helpful customer service

The goal of our customer service is to give you all the help you need to achieve outstanding results by using our software. We would like you to be so satisfied that you recommend us to all your business acquaintances!

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...yet extremely sophisticated

Developed with the help of marketing experts

The development of SalesAutopilot started in 2002 based on the demands of Alexander Schlingloff, online marketing expert extraordinaire, and continued based on the suggestions of Gabor Wolf and dozens of other successful online marketing experts!

So much more than e-mail marketing

You can achieve everything with SalesAutopilot that has anything to do with questionnaires/forms, sending e-mails, text messages or DM whether it is about market research, online CRM systems, automated processes or handling job applications.

Infinitely flexible

Due to its building blocks nature you could implement practically EVERY meaningful aspect in e-mail marketing and CRM automation with the help of SalesAutopilot.

Simple but multifaceted API

If you would like to attach the SalesAutopilot to any web based or non web based application, the simple yet multifaceted API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible for its developer to make virtually unlimited usage accessible.

SalesAutopilot NEWS

With LeadPages + SalesAutopilot you can create extremely high converting squeeze pages, opt-in pages, webinar registration pages, etc. in minutes (04.17.2014.) More »

From today on MailMaster changes its name to SalesAutopilot. The new name better reflects the capabilities of the software, and hints at how much more users are able to achieve than by a conventional email marketing software. (08.22.2013.) More »