Anti-Spam Policy

Below is an excerpt from the SalesAutopilot Service Agreement, which details our anti-spam policy:

7. Rules of using SalesAutopilot

(1) In connection with sending e-mails, Contracting Party declares that:

(a) It shall not send unwanted marketing letters for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Unwanted e-mails are e-mails which are sent to recipients who have not consented to such e-mails being sent to them prior to the first e-mail sent to them. This includes e-mails with deceptive, misleading content, especially if they create an impression for recipient that they originate from a third person that recipient knows but who is not the sender of the e-mail. The procedure to follow in case of a breach of anti-spam regulations is available on the Webpage.

(b) It shall not use the Service for unlawful purposes.

(c) It shall not harass, threaten, cause inconvenience to (an)other person(s).

(d) It shall not send or disclose images with explicitly sexual content, or materials that attack a community of the web, including images and content that are racist, incite hate, or are sacrilegious, or ones that SalesAutopilot deems as such.

(e) It shall not send or disclose any material that is libelous, offensive, inaccurate, obscene, sacrilegious or one that incites violence, or is ethnically offensive.

(f) It shall not encourage to use or send information or software that violates any local, national or international laws or legislation.

(g) It shall not use or reproduce any material protected by copyright without the consent of the copyright holder.

(h) It shall not forward any material that promotes or offers information on illegal activity, or which encourages physical violence against any person or group.

(i) It shall not send any content that includes links to sexual, pornographic, distasteful images, to propaganda inciting hatred, or to any illicit content, such as illegal software, product serial numbers, code breaking software.

(2) If Contracting Party breaches any of the above usage rules, it commits a material breach of contract and SalesAutopilot maintains the right to suspend or terminate Contracting Party’s access to the Service or any data which is in connection with the violation of the above rules, with or without prior notification.