Efficiency, Rationality, Scalability

If you are a consultancy or an agency, you thrive on efficiency – and you probably try to get your clients to think and do business the same way.

SalesAutopilot is huge leverage for you.

On the one hand, you can use it to get more (and higher paying) clients. You can also introduce it to your clients, which makes you money in at least two ways:

  • you can provide value by building processes for them
  • you can get commissions from their use of the software as a partner/reseller of SalesAutopilot

Many agencies who use SalesAutopilot with clients are also asked to run email campaigns and newsletters for them using the software – for a fixed monthly fee.

Reposition yourself (this is huge)

We’ve come to the most important bit…

Because your clients will see massive results, you can easily reposition yourself – no longer is your agency or consultancy just a point of “help” and “advice”. You are now much more…

  • You have significantly and unquestionably boosted their profit in a measurable way: you’ve created the backbone of revenue-generating evergreen campaigns or put systematic upsells, downsells, bump-products or lead generation in place. (All without coding!) The system you have implemented plays a massive role in their revenue stream.
  • You can streamline their back-end operations and cut costs by 40-80%! And you actually build the system that achieves this. This goes far beyond advice and handing over process maps at the end of the project. Actually creating the back-end systems for your clients is the highest value you can provide.

Take SalesAutopilot for a test flight – but also, do get in touch; let’s chat about your agency and how (fast) you could benefit from SalesAutopilot!

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