This is what automates your info-business

Can people actually drown in an info-business?

The most important reason you probably got into creating digital products is SCALABILITY.

You create it once and sell in almost an infinite number of times. But, if you’re not able to put the systems behind it that’ll make scaling work, you’ll drown in the work… or end up paying several people to do gruntwork all day – for a lot of money in the end.

The reason you don’t want to engage each student or client of yours individually is because it’s impossible after a while. Automation is obviously a prerequisite of any info-business.

If you’re curretly using 4-5 or more pieces of software to run your marketing and sales, you’re probably feeling the pain of having to sync these separate tools. Doesn’t it make sense to put everything on a single platform? Sure it does. Here is all the things SalesAutopilot will do for an information marketer:

  • multi channel communication, including sophisticated email marketing
  • creating funnels and personalized landing pages
  • accepting payments on your website
  • automating re-sales and upselling, bump-products
  • password-protecting your content with unique passwords for everyone
  • integrating everything with a membership site

After a while, all the above features become indispensible in a digital product-oriented business. If you’re not a fan of unecessary complexity, but value the efficiency of single-platform solutions, then you will sooner or later end up trying SalesAutopilot.

The favorite features of SalesAutopilot for digital product creators are:

  • easy, lego-like creation of profitmaximizing funnels
  • everything-automation: payment statuses, refunds, reminders and mobile-app-enhanced admission to your live events (if you do them – and it’s a good idea to do live events even if you’re all-digital).
  • personalized, time-sensitive landing pages. These pages disappear after your offer has expired – and the expiry can depend on unique actions your subscriber takes – so it can be different for everyone.

It’d be a good idea to try the software for yourself and experience first hand, just where it can take your business.

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