Scale your e-commerce store. Fast.

You wouldn’t think growth this big is possible for your eCommerce store – without increasing traffic or spending a dime more on advertising

We’ll show you marketing that is not only successful, but your buyers will congratulate you for it. Where do you want to start?

Here are three areas where SalesAutopilot can substantially grow your results if you have an online store. Where do you want to start?

  • Build a larger email list, so I’ll have more buyers
  • Increase conversions + basket value + frequency of purchases
  • Automate processes, so things flow faster, better and cheaper within the company.

List Building

You know that 3% right?

Only 3% of the visitors of an average eCommerce site will buy anyting. The rest, the 97% is most likely interested in what you have to offer and may even buy later… but if they don’t return, they’ll shop somewhere else.

The solution: get the email addresses of the non-buyers, so that you can have a conversation with them – and get to know their needs – and gradually introduce the advantages of what you have to offer.

>> Build a big email list from prospects, because most people will get to the buying stage later.

We’ll show you how to build a large email list

Building an email list… fast

This is done easiest by providing knowledge, information in exchange for your prospect’s email address. This can also be a free product sample, for example. We call this a lead magnet. If you do this right, if your lead magnet is valuable and enough and speaks to a specific need, then your email list will grow rapidly. It will be full of prospects who will get closer and closer to that sale every time you touch them in a way that is relevant for them.

Take your most popular product lines or problem-areas, and create a lead magnet for each. This way, you will be able to segment your list based on interest. In your list of prospects, this gives you valuable information about the motivation behind each of your prospects – and you will be able to nurture them accordingly.

To “sell” a lead magnet, you need to have optin boxes – essentialy, forms where contact info such as email address and name can be entered by people on your website or app. In SalesAutopilot, it is easy to create different sorts of optin boxes – and they’re responsive (mobile-friendly):

  1. you can put a form on a traditional webpage in the main content block or in a sidebar
  2. you can create a popover layer that appears automatically after a given number of seconds
  3. you can create a button, a link or an image – once people click on it, a form will appear
  4. you can easily create an exit-intent popup, which appears when the user is planning to leave a website.

THese boxes, forms are responsive, meaning they render nincely on smartphones and tablets – and they convert like crazy.

If you try the software, you’ll experience first hand how you can quickly

  • create sing-up forms for different lead magnets
  • create emails that are scheduled to be sent according to when the user has opted in on a form (plenty of pretty templates for emails!)
  • send personalized offers to prospects based on what they opened or clicked in your emails (or their behavior on landing pages)

Conversion, basket value, reselling

How do you grow profit fast?

Let me ask you for a quick calculation: what would happen to your proftis, if your website could

  • convert 15% more visitors, and
  • basket value were to grow 15% and
  • they would shop 15% more often

OK, it’s a bit hard to do this in your head, but I’ll help: revenue would grow by 52% – and your profit probably more.

It’s relatively simple to build systems like this with the right tool – and ROI is instatenous. It takes three steps:

  1. engage prospects on your list in a personalized way with relevant offers. Don’t just send everybody the same offer – segment!
  2. put intelligent upsell and bump-products in the checkout process
  3. put unique, product-specific offers to re-engage buyers, once they have bought – and do this at the right time, which depends on when they bought something and the quantity.

Sales Autopilot is a system that can do all this without involving an IT guy, using the web store you currently have*

*Some popular eCommerce stores can be integrated with SalesAutopilot with a few clicks. If yours is not on the list, the connection can be made using a bit of programming on an API (you don’t need to knwo what an API is.)

Intelligent landing pages
eCommerce stores report a massive growth in conversion using unique landing pages. When you run a campaign, it’s a good idea not to run the traffic to a general product page, but to put the campaign’s message and the offer on a dedicated landing page. If you send visitors to a SalesAutopikot landing page from an email campaign, you can personalize the content of this page:

  • you can greet visitors by their name – which is pretty cool on a webpage
  • you can display content or offers based on what each prospect has or hasn’t purchased earlier
  • you can track in the CRM or the email list, which links a particular visitor has clicked or how much time they’ve spent on your site. You can tie individual behavior on the page to each subscriber!

It’s really worth a try to see what your online store would be capable of doing with the help of SalesAutopilot.


Behind the scenes, many pretty eCommerce stores hide chaotic order-handling and administrative processes in the back end.

Fulfilling orders, invoicing, tracking, customer service – all these processes usually suck up a bunch of time when done by hand – without automation. This results in unhappy people doing unpredictable back-end work that cannot be scaled – so if you grow your traffic, you have a problem in the back end.

In addition, quality is hard to guarantee – think abou it: what happens if John or Jane get sick? Or just has a bad day?

It’s paramount that any serious business automates as much of their backend processes as possible – and SalesAutopilot is here to do that. Good news: because it’s your marketing platform too, backend and frontend processes will be seamlessly integrated.

With SalesAutopilot, you can automate so much more than marketing campaigns! You can automate

  • communications regarding purchases, orders
  • automatic invoicing and the communications relating to it
  • processes like recruiting and hiring people
  • processes with subcontractors

What would you automate?

Try now