Marketing that shines, business processes that run on autopilot.

Here are the seven feature sets that replace many other softwares you may be using.

A growing nubmer of marketing consultants, professionals and extraordinary entrepreneurs are using SalesAutopilot to automate and liberate their businesses. The software evolves through their input. You can experience it for yourself by playing with it or reading up on features below. 

Included in the smallest software-packages too!

All other feature sets are built on top of the MailMaster module – it’s the core of the software and empowers marketers to get up and running with email marketing fast, as well as sophisticate it with any rules and automations you can think of.

This feature-set is part of all SalesAutopilot packages.

Marketing Robot Pilot

One of the most unique building blocks of the system is the Marketing Robot Pilot. In essence, the Marketing Robot pilot is a machine where you get to “tell” the platform, what should happen if a subscriber does (or doesn’t do) something… “if this then that”…

If, for example, a subscriber fills out a form or clicks on a link, then you can have them added to a list automatically, or have some of their data changed automatically in another list. With this feature, some pretty sophisticated processes can be built in a matter of minutes… what would otherwise be a major pain to administer by hand, let alone the unreliability and all the mistakes made.

With some other systems, you’d need to bring on consultants or developers to implement things that literally take minutes in SalesAutopilot, thanks to the Marketing Robot Pilot feature-set, which is included in every SalesAutopilot package from “Automation” and up.

Multi-channel communication for maximum reach

You need a system where adding a new channel to your marketing mix and sales processes is a matter of a decision – and not a cross-departmental project involving IT. You need a system that handles DM, SMS, phone, email and face-to-face communication as one seamless, airtight process. In this system, your communications on every channel can be scheduled and segmented – just like with email.

This feature-set is included in every SalesAutopilot package from “Automation” and up.

Rich e-Commerce features that are envied by most webshop-engines.

How can SalesAutopilot’s e-Commere features help you grow? It puts conversions on steroids. Easily place complete sales funnels into your existing online store. Put sophisticated re-selling and upselling automations in place. It handles product categoires, individual products, it does shipping and handling, will integrate with a card processing provider and your invoicing software.

If you have an online store, you can multiply your results. If you don’t, you can sell online using SalesAutopilot without ever needing a shopping cart.

The eCommerce feature set is included in the “eCommerce and CRM” package, as well as the “All in” package of SalesAutopilot.

SalesAutopilot’s sales CRM system – your colleagues will love it and actually use it – because data just magically appears in it!

We recommend the sales CRM module in one of two cases:

  1. If you have a huge list and would like to touch prospects who cannot be converted using traditional digital channels; they need a personal touch from a human being.
  2. If you have a sales team and would like to improve their productivity using automation.

A huge advantage of SalesAutopilot’s CRM is that if you use the other features of the software (like email marketing and Marketing Robo-pilot), then data from these systems will magically appear in the CRM and stay synced without anyone needing to type or import, copy anything. A single datasource for marketing, sales, CRM and operations is everyone’s dream at the company, right? Hello, SalesAutopilot!

The CRM feature-set is included in the “eCommerce and CRM” package, as well as the “All in” package of SalesAutopilot..

Built-in affiliate marketing system

How much better would your results be, if you could have an army of resellers promoting your products to their audience? And you only have to pay for a sale or a lead! That’s what partner-marketing or affiliate marketing is about – and it is way under-utilized in most markets; that’s no surprise, because it’s generally very demanding technologically to run an affiliate system, so it just never gets implemented.

Not with SalesAutopilot! Since your order processing is already in SalesAutopilot, it’s very easy to clip an affiliate-system on to it.

The Affiliate System helps you set up a reseller-program with virtually no technical effort, so you can focus on the creative business side of life.

This feature-set is part of “All in” package.

The SalesAutopilot Support Suite

The immense power of the Support Suite lies in the fact that all relevant (sales and marketing) information about the client is readily available on the support rep’s screen. They can take much better care of your customer – not to mention upselling them products and services.

No longer will your support reps be shuffling around for information, burning their precious time. Putting the right information on your support team’s screen is probably one of the best things you can do to help them do a better job – and make it rewarding!

This feature-set is part of “All in” package.