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Partner-marketing/Affiliate marketing done productively and simply:

Built-in affiliate marketing tracking

How much higher would your results be, if you would have an army of resellers promoting your products to their audience? And you only have to pay for a sale or a lead! That’s what partner-marketing or affiliate marketing is about – and it is way under-utilized in most markets; that’s no surprise, because it’s generally very demanding technologically to run an affiliate system, so it just never gets implemented.

Not with SalesAutopilot! Since your order processing is already in SalesAutopilot, it’s very easy to clip an affiliate-system on to it.

The Affiliate System helps you set up a reseller-program with virtually no technical effort, so you can focus on the creative business side of life.

The Affiliate feature-set is part of “All-in” package.

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The most important features of the Affiliate Module

Open and Closed affiliate programs

You can add partners manually to your partner programs for “closed” systems. Alternatively, use an embedded form on a website to allow anyone to sign up with your program.

Partner portal with your own design

Set up a dedicated, password-protected partner-portal where each partner can access their creatives, affiliate links and other relevant information. This portal can run on your domain with your logo and design.

Intelligent management of affiliate links

You provide the destination URLs and the system automatically creates the affiliate links for each partner – and places them in their partner-accounts. You’ll never have to toy around with sending affiliate links manually.

Fix-sum or percentage-based commission

You can decide for each individual advert, which scheme you prefer: fixed or percentage-based – and set the appropriate sums.

Tracks conversions and commissions even if cookies are erased

A huge advantage of SalesAutopilot is that it tracks not just purchases, but sign-ups as well. Identifying visitors happens not just with cookies, but with email addresses as well.

Managing VIP partners

You can set up special commission schemes for individuals or groups on your partner-list – which only they will be able to access.

Track results intelligently

You can track and compare the peformance of your partners. Naturally, your partners are only able to access their own performance data in their partner-accounts.

Multiple Currencies

Run affiliate campaigns in multiple countries with multiple currencies.

Run several programs within one account

If you have multiple companies operating in different countries, you can keep things transparent and managable by splitting your campaigns in different affiliate programs and running them parallel to one another.

Everything under your own domain name

Your affiliate program, your partner-site as well as your affiliate links run on a subdomain of your website – for example, You can run different affiliate programs under different domians OR subdomains, so you may have a etc.

Total integration with SalesAutopilot

It’s great to have your affiliate management system completely integrated with your marketing automation platform; this way, all the automation capabilities of SalesAutopilot can be accessed by your affiliate program.