The Sales-Oriented CRM Module

CRM with so much flexibility, you probably won’t believe it.

SalesAutopilot’s sales CRM system – your colleagues will love it and actually use it – because data just magically appears in it!

We recommend the sales CRM module in one of two cases:
If you have a huge list and would like to touch prospects who cannot be converted using traditional digital channels; they need a personal touch from a human being.
If you have a sales team and would like to improve their productivity using automation.

A huge advantage of SalesAutopilot’s CRM is that if you use the other features of the software (like email marketing and Marketing Robo-pilot), then data from these systems will magically appear in the CRM and stay synced without anyone needing to type or import, copy anything. A single datasource for marketing, sales, CRM and operations is everyone’s dream at the company, right? Hello, SalesAutopilot!

The CRM feature-set is included in the “eCommerce and CRM” package, as well as the “All in” package of SalesAutopilot.

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Here are the most important features of the CRM Module

Total integration with SalesAutopilot’s email marketing platform

integraltsagThis is a bigger advantage than one may think at first. It means ALL of the CRM data about subscribers is at hand for campaigns. CRM data includes purchase history, agent-contact history, all support-center history is available. In addition, email and landing page-click history is also tracked and serves as immesurably valuable segmentation data for your marketing campaigns.

All subscriber-data on one screen

adatlapIt’s important to have all relevant data about prospects and customers accessible in a single location. That way, your sales and support teammates will have a very good understanding of where a customer stands in the sales cycle. If a subscriber is subscribed to several lists, all the data from those lists can be accessed right on the CRM profile page – conveniently placed under separate tabs.

Complete timeline of client-history

feladatokOn the Contact Page of each subscriber, SalesAutopilot gives you a colorful metro-diagram to quickly visualize all the touchpoints with the person. This includes touchpoints across channels (besides emails, you will see a history of phone calls and text messages sent), as well as touchpoints across multiple lists.

Any future tasks that have been scheduled relating to the subscriber are also visible on their timeline. This information is vital for arranging sales activities – and it’s right there on the Contact Page of every subscriber in your database!

Manage Events and Tasks

feladatokCreating a task for yourself or a colleague – if you have permission to create and delegate tasks. In order to make certain that no task remains undone, tasks are visible on the subscriber’s Contact Page. You can also add any events that are not part of tasks and have happened spontaneously with a subscriber; for example, a conversation at a trade show or a phone call.

Manage permission levels

jogosultsagThere are three levels of access to the CRM: sales leader, senior sales rep, junior sales rep. Different levels of access to features is an important part of running a focused CRM-based sales organization. The levels are: Supervisor (can access everything), CRM user (doesn’t see entire systems, only clients), Limited CRM user (doesn’t see entire systems, only clients assigned to them).

Google Contacts connection

googlecontactIf you use Google Contacts, the connection feature with SalesAutopilot’s CRM makes life more convenient. Whenever adding a contact to SalesAutopilot CRM, you can have it sent automatically to Google Contacts for easy access on your smartphone. A nice benefit of this feature is not having to record the data from business cards in multiple systems – it only needs to be entered to SalesAutopilot; from there, it’ll automatically be added to Google Contacts too.

Networking turbocharged

networkingNot only does SalesAutopilot keep track of all your business contacts, you can also record key information such as how you have been introduced you to the given contact, what their questions/problems/challenges are.

Reporting on sales reps’ performance

kimutatasokKeep track of how many tasks each rep has completed over a given time period; see what arrangements she has made with clients; and how much of each task has been completed; and see how she has managed to move clients down the pipeline… and get a breakdown of each activity type.

Flexible way to manage sales statuses

rugalmassagAt the heart of a sales-oriented CRM like the SalesAutopilot CRM Module is the management of sales statuses. Whether or not the software will actually be used and whether the data in it is useful depends on the flexibility of the sales statuses.

Flexible CRM settings and process management

So many clients complain about other CRM’s being bulky and unflexible – they end up having to adapt their processes to the software – or end up not using important features of the software because it doesn’t adapt to their processes. A primary advantage of SalesAutopilot is that processes and settings are extremely flexible in the software. When you refine your processes, you will not have to bring on conslutants or programmers to finetune the software – a marketing/sales professional can do it alone.