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Email Marketing: Sales and Marketing Acceleration Module

Email marketing with unlimited potential and jaw-dropping results.
Included in the smallest software-packages too!

All other feature sets are built on top of the MailMaster module – it’s the core of the software and empowers marketers to get up and running with email marketing fast, as well as sophisticate it with any rules and automations you can think of.

This feature-set is part of all SalesAutopilot packages.

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Here are the most important features of the email marketing module

Great email marketing

You are provided with every tool and feature that you’ll ever need for sophisticated and successful email marketing. Newsletter templates, easy editing, numerous scheduling possibilities, segmentation (referred to as “tagging” in some other platforms) and conditional sending. SalesAutopilot ensures high deliverability and handles bounces, unsubscriptions automatically. You get detailed reporting, including which subscriber clicked on which link as well as various charts and graphs that display mailings’ results. EVERYTHING you need for high-standard email marketing is here.

A/B testing

You can test several variations (A, B, C, D etc) of subject lines, senders and the content of the newsletters. A number of analysis tools and graphical displays of test results make testing easy and enjoyable with SalesAutopilot. Don’t just listen to your assumptions, test and make decisions based on data!

Getting subscribers on your list is easy

Put SalesAutopilot sign-up forms on any website by simply pasting a few lines of code. Use our mobile-ready form-templates or create your own design. You can even use your WordPress, Drupal or other CMS forms you may already be using, and put data automatically into SalesAutopilot.

Smart, personalized landing pages

Every marketer knows the positive urgency that deadlines create. With SalesAutopilot, you can craft personalized landing pages with unique, subscriber-specific deadlines. These pages can self destruct after your offer has expired. Because you can tie deadlines to each subscriber’s actions, you can use deadlines in evergreen campaigns. Oh, and there are pretty templates to choose from and a drag-n-drop editor for you to quickly edit them. Add individual link-click tracking to the mix and you’ve got an extremely versatile tool at hand with SalesAutopilot Landing Pages.

Refined list (subscriber database) management

You can import data in several ways into SalesAutopilot and you’re free to export any or all of your data. Once you have data in the system, you can easily keep several lists in sync and keep them clean and tidy with automatic (and semi-automatic) list-management features, such as automatically deleting unsubscribed users, or the option to define how many bounced mailings should put a subscriber into inactive status. This is great for “being friends” with mail servers and not getting blacklisted.

Surveys and market research

Create one- or multi-paged questionnaires, forms. You can automatically tie the gathered data to your subscribers, which gives you very valuable insight to ponder over. You will be empowered to answer difficult questions and make good decisions.

Workflow-enhancing Processes

You probably have business processes that require human interaction – for example, administering phone calls, entering data when preparing proposals. For these processes, you can set up webforms for internal use by your colleagues.

Nice reporting capabilities

Graphs, tables and lists are automatically created after each mailing, giving you several ways to analyze and interpret your results. Analyzing customer and sales data in your lists is also a great benefit.

Surprisingly feature-rich newsletter-previews

It’s always a good idea to check how your mailing looks on different devices and email clients. In SalesAutopilot, before hitting “send”, you can preview your mailing for the 26 most popular email clients on mobile and desktop. If something in your mail turns out to look messy on any client or device, we’ll even tell you what line you should fix in your HTML 🙂

Refined access management

Not every team member should have access to everything in your account. You get to set permission based on 8 parameters, so everyone has access only to the features, projects or mailings they need to be working on.


You can get highly creative connecting SalesAutopilot to any other software – including integrating it to your website or your CRM in advanced, non-conventional ways. Your possibilities are truly very vast and we’re always glad to help integrate.