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Where marketing, sales and business automation begin:

The Marketing Robot Pilot

One of the most unique building blocks of the system is the Marketing Robot Pilot. In essence, the Marketing Robot Pilot is a machine where you get to “tell” the platform, what should happen if a subscriber does (or doesn’t do) something… “if this then that”…

If, for example, a subscriber fills out a form or clicks on a link, then you can have them added to a list automatically, or have some of their data changed automatically in another list. With this feature, some pretty sophisticated processes can be built in a matter of minutes… what would otherwise be a major pain to administer by hand, let alone the unreliability and all the mistakes made.

With some other systems, you’d need to bring on consultants or developers to implement features that literally take minutes in SalesAutopilot, thanks to the Marketing Robot Pilot feature-set, which is included in every SalesAutopilot packages from “Automation” and up.

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Here are the most important features of the Marketing Robot Pilot

Automated actions

Actions are automations that tell the software what to do if someone fills out a form, clicks on a link in an email or just opens an email. A vast array of events can be triggered for any one of these events, such as

  • automatically adding them to a list,
  • changing their data in another list,
  • having a task automatically created for a sales or support person on your team,
  • triggering emails,
  • starting the timer on a limited time offer…

These are just some of the popular actions you can have the software do. Actions form the backbone of marketing and business process automation.

Run actions retroactively

Once you define and set up an action, it runs in (almost) real time automatically for every subscriber, who fulfills the conditions for triggering the action. But what happens to those subscribers who would have qualified for the action to run before you had created the action?

That’s why we have actions you can run not just “from now on”, but also “for any subscriber who has previously fullfilled this condition”. For example, if you’ve just imported a list and want to change the “send limited time offer” field from 0 to 1 for all the people who click a given link, you can do that by telling the action to run retroactively. (You can even set conditions on that too, so you can have it run for subscribers who have subscribed in the past x number of days… but we won’t get into that here, that’s what the knowledge base is for.)

Notifications for actions

Have SalesAutopilot notify a team member, when an action completes for a subscriber. This way, your colleague can be assigned tasks automatically.

Want an example? A support colleague can have a task created that tells them to call a client if they have rated your service less than 3 stars in a service-satisfaction questionnaire.

There’s almost no limit to all the automation you can achieve with actions.