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Run an internal telemarketing team; auto-feed data to call centers; create DM campaigns and automatically text your clients.

The Multi-channel Communication Module

You need a system where adding a new channel to your marketing mix and sales processes is a matter of a decision – and not a cross-departmental project involving IT. You need a system that handles DM, SMS, phone, email and face-to-face communication as one seamless, airtight process. In this system, your communications on every channel can be scheduled and segmented – just like with email.

This feature-set is included in every SalesAutopilot packages from “Automation” and up.

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Here are the most important features of the multi-channel communication module

Print DM letters, physical forms, envelopes

Often times you want to go offline and send paper-based, printed material. You can instruct SalesAutopilot to auto-generate printable pdf’s with personalized content. This way you can create personalized letters, envelopes, printable certificates, greeting cards or anything else you can think of, for your clients. You can upload your custom templates and get very creative with graphic design.

What’s cool is that these printable pdf’s can be set to auto-generate based on specific actions a subscriber on your list takes (like purchasing a set of products) …or specific events you have defined (like a birthday or having been a client for 3 years). And of course, you can align generating printed material with your email and SMS campaigns.

Sometimes, you don’t want to actually print the pdf’s. You can just have them auto-generated and email the link to the pdf to your subscribers. This is how many businesses do billing with e-invoices, for example.

Integrated SMS sending for real time communication

Send text messages with the same sophistication as you do with email; this means you can trigger personalized text messages using scheduling, conditions and event-based triggers, just like with email and printable pdf’s.

Intelligent phone-list building

Forget all the mess that comes with number formats and country codes when people submit their phone numbers.

Subscribe and unsubscribe people for text alerts

You can easily have subscribers opt in for text message-alerts. Just place a link in an email and have them sign up for SMS reminders. Useful for events on-and offline.