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Help desk, customer support done as an integral part of your marketing system

The SalesAutopilot Customer Support Suite

The power of the Customer Support Suite lies in the fact that all relevant (sales and marketing) information about the client is readily available on the support rep’s screen. They can take much better care of your customer – not to mention upselling them products and services.

No longer will your support reps be shuffling around for information, burning their precious time. Putting the right information on your support team’s screen is probably one of the best things you can do to help them do a better job – and make it rewarding!

The Affiliate feature-set is part of “All-in” package.

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Here are the most important features of the Customer Support Suite

Total integration with SalesAutopilot

Because a large part of your customer support tasks is triggered by your marketing activity, it’s tremendous help to have all the past touchpoints and interaction at hand for your support team – every marketing, sales (and of course, support) related interaction that has occured with the user.

Customizable user-facing support portal

You can customize the look and feel of the Customer Support Suite’s interface that your website visitors will be using; and have it accessible under your own website’s domain (eg.:

Use with or without login

You can set whether to require users to log in to access the Customer Support Suite or to enable anyone to submit a ticket.

Password reminder

A portion of your visitors will misplace or forget their passwords. This is not an issue with the Customer Support Suite’s password reminder feature.

Automatically fetch incoming emails

Often times, your customers will not use the Customer Support Suite directly, but rather send an email to an agent. Emails to certain email addresses can automatically be routed to the Support Suite and a ticket will automatically be created – no need to monitor email and the Support Suite separately! Naturally, if the customer sends a reply to a message from the agent, their reply will be placed in the appropriate thread.

Easy to use control panel

Get an overview of how the support team is progressing with tickets on a single screen. The Customer Support Suite has a easy-to-use dashboard where all tickets can be accessed and filtered according to different criteria.

Totally customized to your workflow

The Customer Support Suite blends naturally with your existing practices and processes – and grows with them. You can set the categories, statuses you use – and have “pushbutton” filters that can be used to retrieve the information you need very fast.

Automatically get Facebook messages in your Support Suite

Have the messages you get via Facebook automatically sent to the Support Suite – this makes it all the easier to handle all customer-facing communications from one convenient place.