Pricing and Packages of SalesAutopilot

On this page you can find the packages and prices of our software and EVERYTHING you need to know about the pricing. No hidden costs, no vague conditions. On the contrary, even the „fine print” is written in big bold letters.

Please use the slider to set the size of your list.
email addresses

HINT for using the slider: DON’T base your estimate on a super-optimistic, „if everything works out perfectly and we manage to get click-throughs for 1 penny, then we will quadruple our database in 3 weeks” kind of attitude, but instead enter the CURRENT size of your database, and maybe add a very conservative growth estimate. That’s usually how life works anyways 🙂

All of the terminology used in the price table is thoroughly explained below.

Email Marketing

  • Send an UNLIMITED number of emails
  • 15 users
  • Campaigns and autoresponders
  • Sign-up forms, Multi-step forms, profile update forms and surveys
  • Exit pop-ups, pop-ups on click link or button
  • Customizable form templates
  • Drag and drop email editor
  • Performance statistics
  • Spam tester integration
  • Advanced segmentation
  • A / B testing


  • Send an UNLIMITED number of emails
  • 25 users
  • Everything from Email Marketing
  • Dynamic content
  • Internation SMS sending
  • DM / Print / Pdf generation
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Scheduled campaign pages
  • Click-dependent operations
  • Custom domain landing pages
  • Flexible Automations
  • Zapier integration
  • Open API

eCommerce and CRM

  • Send an UNLIMITED number of emails
  • 25 users
  • Everything from Automation
  • Order forms / checkout pages
  • Upsell, One-click Upsell, Order Bump
  • Various coupon options
  • Advanced segmentation based on purchase history
  • Credit card payment integrations
  • Billing integrations
  • Order import
  • E-commerce store sync
  • Webshippy Integration
  • CRM (statuses, reps, tasks)

All in!

  • Send an UNLIMITED number of emails
  • 50 users
  • Everything from eCommerce and CRM
  • Open / Closed Affiliate Programs
  • Custom partner login page
  • Affiliate link management
  • Flexible commission plans
  • Detailed reports
  • Any number of affiliate programs
  • Custom currencies
  • Built in simple membership
  • Membermouse integration

Main features (for interpreting the price table)

Our basic email marketing module includes the most advanced features of most email marketing software. The only feature that is not included in basic email marketing is the content block customization features, which allows you to create content blocks in your emails that will or will not be displayed depending on the recipient’s details. This feature is not to be confused with the merge tags feature, which allows you to personalize your emails by displaying the details of the recipient in the content or the subject line of your email.
In addition to the basic email marketing features, it also includes the content block customization features, which allows you to create content blocks in your emails that will or will not be displayed depending on the recipient’s details.
Content block customization is available in the content and subject line of emails, on the Thank You page of signup and order forms, on profile update forms and their Thank You pages, and on landing pages.

Sending SMS with the same database, delivery schedule, segmentation and automation that is normally used for sending emails and generating DM letters / prints:

Intelligent and automatic phone number verification on every signup and order form.
SalesAutopilot’s SMS sending feature uses Nexmo’s SMS sending services. (Integrate your Nexmo account with SalesAutopilot, then SalesAutopilot will use your Nexmo balance for sending text messages).

You can create printable DM letters, payment reminders, payment notices, package follow-up letters, other informative letters, and envelopes that are perfectly in sync with your email and SMS campaigns. Based on previously uploaded templates, and with the help of the same types of delivery schedules that you use for sending emails, the software prints your DM letters / prints into PDF files.

Drag and drop landing page editor.

You can use your own domain.
You can create your own templates.
Landing pages with deadlines (with pre-deadline and post-deadline content)
All of them can be customized and personalized.
Click through monitoring that allows you to save the click through information for a subscriber.
The amount of time a subscriber spends on a landing page can be added to their details.

Managing complex automations with the so-called actions feature:

An unlimited number of actions triggered by filling out a form allowing you to create sophisticated marketing automations.
An unlimited number of actions triggered by opening an email or by clicking on a link in an email allowing you to create sophisticated marketing automations.
If you import data from another system, you can apply any action to them with the “Implement action retroactively” feature. This way the data generated in the past and/or by other systems can easily be harmonized with the data stored in SalesAutopilot.
Action notifications allow you to have any of your co-workers notified when an action is successfully run for a subscriber, which allows you to easily assign task along different automations.

A CRM system that works as part of an integrated marketing system. The greatest advantage of this is that you don’t have to manually enter the data that is necessary for the system to work properly. This data is just “unnoticeably” generated as you use other parts of the system.

A clear-cut and comprehensive contact information page where you can get an overview of the details of a given subscriber, along with their entire history, which includes every communication, click through, profile update, task, event, etc.
Assign tasks to yourself or your co-worker (based on permissions) and add events to customers (phone call, consulting, email, or any number of freely created events)
Different levels of access to the system based on permissions. The levels are: Supervisor (can access everything), CRM user (doesn’t see entire systems, only clients), Limited CRM user (doesn’t see entire systems, only clients assigned to them)
When a client is added to SalesAutopilot, you can have them added to any of your co-workers’ Google Contacts account and thus the contact can be viewed on their cellphones. Google Contacts can be downloaded to every smartphone.
Weekly summary of the daily tasks of your salespeople and reports of their weekly and monthly results
Managing sales statuses that can either be general or based on multiple product or service categories, depending on the product or service line of your business

Full of robust features that can supplement, or in some cases, even replace ecommerce stores.

Managing products: Due to the easy administration of products and product categories, you will simply have to select the products that you would like to offer on a given form.

Order form wizard with four types of forms. Every possible non-webstore-like checkout process in a few clicks with the built-in wizard.

Single product order form: e.g. event registration where the visitor doesn’t have to select the product they will order (they will either select, or not select the only product on the form)
Multi-product order form: e.g. normal and VIP version of event registration; two versions of an information product (more than one product offered, one can be selected)
Multi-product order form where more than one can be selected: e.g. multiple add-ons can be selected for the product or service (more than one product offered, more than one can be selected)
Multiple-product order form where different quantities of each product can be selected: if a business has a short product line, they can offer all of them on a form, and visitors can select the number they would like to order from each product (more than one product offered, more than one of each can be ordered)
Fully customizable order forms. The order forms created with the form wizard can either be used right away, or you can have them fully tailored to the image of your business.

Every message is fully customizable: Whether you want to customize the Thank You page of the order form, the successful or unsuccessful credit card payment confirmation pages, or the order confirmation emails, you can be sure that every message your customers will ever encounter is fully customizable.
Integration with many online payment providers. Paypal, Braintree, Wirecard, Barion, Sage Pay, Simple, and more popular providers are coming.

Helpdesk ticket management is integrated into the marketing system, and so your customer service can access all of the information they need in no time.

A helpdesk interface that perfectly matches your company’s image on your own domain
Contact forms that work whether you are signed in or not
Password reminder feature for your customers
Tickets that are received via email are automatically imported into the software’s support suite
Easy-to-use, practical customer service dashboard/interface
Advanced ticket categorization and filtering options
Simple user level / access level management

Operate an intricate, yet convenient online network for resellers.

Manage open and closed affiliate programs
Login interface that perfectly matches your company’s image
Intelligent affiliate-link management
Fixed and percentage commissions
Advanced result tracking
Commission administration
Manage different currencies
Several partner/affiliate programs for the same account
Manage your own domain

You can create various membership sites with the help of password protected landing pages.

Manage dynamic, segment based access levels
Password reminder feature
Fully integrated into your marketing system

Additional options and fees

Cost of extra emails: If you send more emails than what is included in the package you are using, then the additional cost is $9 for every 10,000 emails.

API: $7 for every 100,000 API calls.

Cost of additional users: If you would like to add additional users to the number included in your package, you may do that for an additional cost of $14/user/month.

NO FINE PRINT: the essential concepts and principles of the pricing explained plainly and openly

Database size: When we measure the size of your database at the end of the month, we will look at the highest number of active subscribers in your largest list. In other words, we won’t look at the number of subscribers at the start of the month or at the end of the month, but the greatest number of subscribers at any point during the month. When measuring the size of your database, it’s also important to note the “Database size for disorganized accounts” section.

Database size for disorganized accounts: If the total number of subscribers in your SalesAutopilot account is more than three times greater than the number of active subscribers in your largest list, then one third of your total number of subscribers will be considered to be the size of your database. With this, we would like to encourage you to clean your database on a regular basis and to develop sensible list managing skills. (Nobody likes to work with messy lists J)

Active subscriber: Subscribers who have the 1 (“OK”) value in the “active” field. Those who don’t belong to this category: unsubscribed, unconfirmed double opt-in subscribers, subscribers who are inactive due to invalid email address.

Duplicates: When we measure the size of your database, we don’t check whether there are duplicates or not. However, if your largest list is a newsletter type of list, where the same email address cannot be added to the list more than once, then duplicates won’t occur and you won’t be charged for them.

Restrictions to the free (trial) package: The purpose of our free package is that you would be able to test out and experiment with the software, and that you would have the time to start building your system. However, it isn’t the goal of the free package to allow users to practically operate a fully-developed, yet “super-economical” system, so the following restrictions apply to free accounts.

There is no time limit, you can use it as long as you want to.
Number of users: 1.
Sending emails: 400 emails / month.
Number of API calls: 1,000 API calls
Total amount of orders managed: $2000.
This amount includes test orders, i.e. orders that were placed by you for testing purposes

Switching packages: When you switch over to a different package, your next payment will be calculated based on the partial fees of each package. In other words, if you switch over on the 10th, and there are 20 more days left of the month, you will have to pay for the 10 days of using the first package, and for the 20 days of using the second package.

Suspending your account: SalesAutopilot isn’t meant to be used as a “free data storehouse”. If you no longer wish to use your system, you can either cancel or suspend your account. If you cancel your account, then we will delete all of the information stored in it. If you wish to temporarily suspend your account, but you would like to safely store your data for future use, then we will charge a suspension fee for that. This fee is 10% of the price of the MailMaster package (our smallest package), but at least $10 / month.

Canceling your service: Our services can be canceled at any time. When you do so, you will have to pay for the services you used up to the point of canceling them. After canceling our services, we may delete all of your data, and you will not be able to retrieve it. If you think that you may need to the data stored in your account, then you can either export most of it (subscriber and customer details), or choose to suspend your account. Your subscribers’ history and statistical details cannot be exported (and even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to use them with other systems)

Start using our free package with full functionality, and enjoy the benefits of our exhaustive functionality, professional training and friendly customer service.


Test it as long as you want to!

Start using our free package with full functionality, and enjoy the benefits of our exhaustive functionality, professional training and friendly customer service.