Content management systems

Signup forms and order forms in SalesAutopilot can be placed into just about any CMS. In most cases, all that is needed is pasting a few lines of code in the content-editor box of the CMS – and you have a clean, responsive form that sends data right into SalesAutopilot.


You can insert forms into the most popular CMS in an elegant way by creating shortcodes, which is done via a free plugin.

It’s easy to insert SalesAutopilot forms in Drupal sites. The setup takes two clicks, following which a short piece of code – an iframe – can be pasted in the desired location on your website in the editor.

There is a free plugin for Joomla. Using this, putting a responsive form on a Joomla page is a matter of pasting a short piece of code in the appropriate place.

Just paste the few lines of code (iframe) provided for you in the visual formbuilder in SalesAutopilot – and your form is up and live!