eCommerce platforms

It feels like your online store is put on steroids, once it is integrated with SalesAutopilot. These integrations take a few minutes, but they arm your store with amazing selling and re-engaging capabilities.

Magento is a robust e-commerce system which probably hosts the richest feature-set of all open-source paltforms. Integration with SalesAutopilot, as well as operating the platform requires coding and technical knowledge.

Also an open source e-commerce platform, Opencart requires a little technical knowledge both with integration and for operating the platform.

WooCommerce is a free webstore platform for WordPress and it easily integrates with SalesAutopilot. Following a quick setup in the control panel, it can easily be used without technical knowledge or help. Because WordPress is the most popular blog engine, a number of free and premium themes and plugins are available for WooCommerce too.


If your webstore integrates with Zapier, it integrates with SalesAutopilot. Zapier connects apps that don’t integrate directly. Using Zapier, it’s a breeze getting orders from your webstore into SalesAutopilot.

Just turn on “Unas integration” on our control panel and you’re ready to channel orders into your SalesAutopilot lists.

VirtueMart is one of the most widely used Joomla e-commerce platforms. Similarly to WooCommerce, it is easy to operate without help from a programmer, but the setup requires a bit of technical affinity.